Let’s get naked.



Ever since we’ve known each other I’ve yearned to get you naked. I’m thinking about it right now, I can’t deny. Should we do it within these four walls? Or should we head down to the seashore? Or we could hike up to this great spot I know in the woods. It has been too long and I can wait no more.No, I don’t want you yanking off your shirt just as yet! I am only too familiar with the gleam in your eyes and the moves in your head.

It’s gotten increasingly easier to get our bodies naked I agree, but today I want something more. I want your naked soul.


I crave for the stories that run beneath the skin, like the one that makes you flinch at 2 a.m. Is it a nightmare? Is it a dream? Or is it a memory scented heavily of childhood?

Introduce me to that child, let me say hello. Take me back to the time you were a small fellow. Show me the path through which you the rode the bicycle to school. Or better still, take me to the place where you learnt riding one. Was it your mother or your father who had your back? Do you remember the number of falls it took? It took me a hundred before I soared into my first memory of freedom.

Tell me about your first tryst with freedom. Was it one of curiosity with you sneaking up to the terrace at night to see the stars? Or was it one of naughtiness where you tried running away from home?

Introduce me to your first friend ever; boy, girl or imaginary. I want to see the joy reflect through your eyes when you see him, her or it, after so many years.

What was the favourite game you played with the neighbourhood kids? Did you hide or did you seek? Did you win? Or did you lose to get into your first fight? Did you all keep in touch or over time fall apart?

Did you really enjoy going to school or did you make a fuss? Did you ever pretend sick just to skip a math test? Show me your classroom; Show me the trophy room; Show me your lunch spot; Show me all.

Show me the hallway where you saw your first crush. Do you remember your first words to her? Tell me how you asked her out, I want to see you break into your boyish smile.

I’ve heard you were a hot pair even through college. We share a common friend if you do remember. He’s told me a few stories here and there. There’s one that caught my fancy, the one with a bottle and a bear. Do you want to climb up the roof and narrate it to me? The evening breeze has been waiting so long to ruffle up your hair!

So which was your first drink? Vodka, Scotch or good old Rum? I know you drink them all. Tell me about those short party nights. More importantly, tell me about the long sober ones when your inner demons stayed awake. Reveal them to me and we shall fight them off, I’m Wonder Woman in disguise!

What has made you the man you are? Confident and thoughtful. Silent and sincere. Did it just happen overnight? Or was it a long lesson of plight. I know I ask the difficult questions, but look me in the eye and you will know why.

There’s more in store but let us put them away for now, until the next time we take a plunge into each other’s naked souls.


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