To read more, to write more.

As a kid, Saraswathi Pooja was about stacking my school books in the pooja room and procrastinating holiday homework with zero guilt. Vijayadasami, as mom would say, was a nalla naal for new beginnings, “pudusa edhadhu katthuko”. Back then it really meant opening the textbooks and reading through a new chapter. The non-detail text book was the winner every year, introducing me to new worlds and new characters. Tom Sawyer, Taming of the Shrew, Silas Marner, Black Tulip, Scarlet Pimpernel. Imaginative. Exciting. Unforgettable.

Today, supposedly grown up, and doing the pooja by myself, the subject of reminiscence led me to opening a new book. Daniel DeFoes’s A Journal of the Plague Year, transporting me to London of the 1600’s. 28 pages down and counting. So that’s my new beginning this Vijayadasami. English Classics.

Grateful for the old bookstore I bumped into a couple of weeks back where I got my hands on a few classics. Have a recommendation? Do leave a comment below. TIA 🙂 Needless to say, today I sure had to write too and here I am.

nalla naal – auspicious day
“pudusa edhadhu katthuko” – learn something new


One thought on “To read more, to write more.

  1. All the best with the Classics venture. I could never sustain it for long – guess my taste for sci-fi, fantasy and horror just didn’t leave space for literature 😦
    Keep the blogs coming 🙂


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