That Panayur Incident – 4 & Final


The glass bottle splintered into a gazillion pieces. “Inna Paakura? kuri eppovume thappadhu! Ippo sollu, nee edhuku scene la entry?”, Guru had no choice but to get to get the truth out before he could call his boss. Karthik knew he had very little time to convince the rowdy to let them go, “Sir, Sir, engala vittudunga Sir, please Sir!”. But Guru had no time for this nonsense, he casually pointed the gun at Karthik and pretended to target his forehead, “Ketakelvikku mattum badhil!.” Karthik blurted out, “Sir, naa Ponni oda peripa Paiyan Sir. College andhapakkam dhan Sir, eppovume rideuku andha side dhaan Sir varuvom.”

But Guru was not convinced, “Nambaramaadhiri illaye..hmm…. peripa paiyanna……, enga appa pera sollu….” Karthik tried to sound more convincing this time around, “Arulmozhi Sir! Sir, evalo kaasuvenaalu sollunga Sir, naa solli vangi tharen Sir, please Sir vitrudunga Sir!” This was as desperate as Karthik could make himself sound. He was praying hard to win a phone call. “Dei moodra, Daya, ivan phone enga?, Guru beckoned his sidekick. “Aama, oru last level mudikavudamaatare, mooku verthiruchi pola”, muttering to himself Daya handed the phone. Guru barked at Karthik, “Dei, number solra”. Karthik was stumped, he hadn’t thought this through. He had to act fast, “Adula irukum Sir, Arul nu store pannirpen!” Guru raised his brows,“Mariyaadha ketta kazhudha.” Karthik tried to reason, ” Illa Sir, friends maadhiri…adhan…”. Priya broke in to a naughty grin, and Karthik gave her a deadly stare. Thankfully Guru was looking the other way, but Daya caught them. “Enna un  alla?, vekaren da sangu  rendu perukum anna kitta solli, silra pasangala”

Meanwhile Ponni, with bruised knees, walked into the J2 Adyar Police station. She sneaked out of the lorry at the signal seeing the sign board and hoped this was the end of her adventure. Inspector Tamizharasan patiently listened to her story and promptly informed her father to join them. He also got in touch with the other stations to check if any investigations were on, and soon got talking with Inspector Arulmozhi.  In minutes the story was pieced together as to who helped Ponni. Just then Arulmozhi got a call on his personal number. Intuitively he answered.

It was Guru and he had put the call on speaker. The minute the call was picked Karthik started shouting, “Appa, Appa, Karthik here pa, enna pidichivechirkanga Pa, we helped Ponni, and Priya and I got caught pa. Pa ivanga gun vechirkaanga pa.” Guru kicked Karthik on his chest, “Dei, un paiyan usuroda venum na Ponni appangitta solli, adhan un thambi kitta solli, andha pathatratha koduka sollu, illena un paiyan ponamadhan unaku kedapaan.” and Guru cut the call. Karthik really hoped this was enough to help Inspector Arulmozhi to trace them.

Arulmozhi was already on his way to the Adyar Police station. He was expecting one more call from Guru and it happened. This time he was prepared, he played along, “En thambi nelam ungaladhudhan Sir, Angadhan poitruken. Sir please Sir, yen paiyana onnum pannidhadhenga, enga, eppo varanom nu mattum sollunga.” Guru sounded confident when he said he will call back to give more details.

Arulmozhi marched into the J2 Station. Ponni’s dad, Mr. Kumaravel and the girl were sitting with Tamizharasan. After a brief conversation, he learnt that Ponni’s family was an NRI family from US. Mr. Kumaravel, owned a large plot in Sholinganallur. But in his absence from the country, the land was not taken care of properly and the local thug, Veera, had prepared a fake document and sold off the property to an MNC.  Ponni’s  family returned to Chennai recently. Kumaravel figured out the scam and took on the thugs by filing a case. This resulted in the construction project being stalled. Veera had a network of rowdies under him and had kidnapped Ponni. He had spoken to Kumaravel once and had threatened him not to get in touch with the police. But Veera hadn’t acted fast enough and Ponni’s smartness was no match for Veera’s rowdy network. Ponni pleaded with her dad and Inspector Arulmozhi to help Karthik and Priya, and just then Arulmozhi’s phone rang.

It was Guru, “Inga paaru, andha nela pathirakai yoda, neeyum andha  Ponniyoda  appangaaranum Thiruporur kitta Illalur ulla vanga. Innum rendu manneram time. Adhukulla varalena…” A gun shot was heard and the call was cut. The police officers were stunned at Guru’s recklessness. They had to act fast and smart. The plan was to send Arulmozhi in mufti with Kumaravel to the spot.  Illalur was a comparatively deserted area and they guessed that the rowdies should be taking shelter inside one of the farms towards the lake. Also from Ponni’s account it was evident that Veera was not the one making the calls, but he would surely join the rowdies to get hold of the documents.

Arulmozhi tipped off the Thiruporur and Chengalpattu stations and asked them to send their men disguised as farmers and localites to surround the area in the next half hour. More men were sent from the Adyar station and other ECR stations as well. It was time for Arulmozhi and Kumaravel to leave. Kumaravel drove his car and Arulmozhi could sense his jitters. He looked at him and gave a reassuring nod. They drove in silence. At regular intervals Arulmozhi kept updating the team through an alternate number. They passed Kelambakkam, Kalavakkam and hit the inner roads, passed through the Muruga theatre and hit the Chengalpattu Road. The green expanse, looked peaceful only in colour. The showdown was about to begin.

Guru called and directed them into one of the plots. At one corner was a small building, a sort of an out-house. They were asked to park the car, get the documents and walk towards the building. Leave the documents on a black rock and proceed back to the highway. Karthik and Priya would be there. Arulmozhi did as he was ordered and the both of them left the documents and went back to the car. As he fastened th seat belt, he got a call in his alternate number, not wanting to attract attention, he asked Kumaravel to drive away. He bent down and picked the call, his men had figured out that Karthik and Priya were at a different place not too far. Just then Kumaravel nudged him and pointed to a man opening the door of the outhouse, it was Veera. Kumaravel drove as fast as he could. Arulmozhi ordered his men on call to barge in and take down the thugs. He then aimed a shot at Veera. Almost 20 feet away and yet a perfect shot. Veera fell, and his men came running. Kumaravel drove on. Another phone call, his men too were successful in saving Karthik and Priya. On Arulmozhi’s orders, Veera and his gang were also rounded up.

In the next hour all the rowdies were put behind bars, barring Veera who had to be admitted. Karthik and Priya were applauded by the officers and the team for their quick thinking. Kumaravel thanked them endlessly. Ponni was eyeing the both of them curiously, she then grinned and extended her hand, “Friends?” and the trio shook hands winking at Arulmozhi!

..the End!


“Inna Paakura? kuri eppovume thappadhu! Ippo sollu, nee edhuku scene la entry?”:
What are you looking at? now tell me why did you enter the scene.

“Engala vittudunga Sir”: Please let us go.

Ketakelvikku mattum badhil!: Only to my question, you shall answer.

Sir, naa Ponni oda peripa Paiyan Sir. College andhapakkam dhan Sir, eppovume rideuku andha side dhaan Sir varuvom.”:
Sir, I am Ponni’s uncle’s son. My colleges is in that side of the town and we usually go that side for a drive.

“Nambaramaadhiri illaye..hmm…. peripa paiyanna……, enga appa pera sollu….” :
I don’t trust you, hmmm…his elder brother’s son…tell me your dad’s name.

“Sir, evalo kaasuvenaalu sollunga Sir, naa solli vangi tharen Sir, please Sir vitrudunga”
Sir, howmuchever money you want, I will convince my dad to give you. please don’t hurt us.

“Dei moodra, Daya, ivan phone enga?”: Shut up, Daya where is his phone?

Aama, oru last level mudikavudamaatare, mooku verthiruchi pola”:
He won’t even let me finish this level. I wonder how he knows when to screw my fun!

number solra: Tell me the number

“Adula irukum Sir, Arul nu store pannirpen!” :
It’s there on my phone, stored in the name of Arul.

“Mariyaadha ketta kazhudha.” :
Disrespectful ass!

” Illa Sir, friends maadhiri…adhan…”:
No sir, we are like friends, that’s why

“Enna un  alla?, vekaren da sangu  rendu perukum anna kitta solli, silra pasangala”:
Is she your girlfriend? I’ll tell my bro to finish you both off. Kids!

“Appa, Appa, Karthik here pa, enna pidichivechirkanga Pa, we helped Ponni, and Priya and I got caught pa. Pa ivanga gun vechirkaanga pa.”
Dad this is Karthik here. They’ve kidnapped me. While helping Ponni, Priya adn I got caught. These guys even have a gun.

“Dei, un paiyan usuroda venum na Ponni appangitta solli, adhanun thambi kitta  solli,  andha pathatratha koduka sollu, illena un paiyan ponamadhan unaku kedapaan.”:
If you want your son alive, tell Ponni’s dad, your brother, to give up the documents, else you will get back  your son’s corpse.

“En thambi nelam ungaludhan Sir, Angadhan poitruken. Sir please Sir,  yen  paiyana onnum pannidhadhenga, enga, eppo varanom nu mattum sollunga.”:
My brother’s land is all yours. I am going to his place only now. Please don’t hurt my son. Just tell me when and where I should come.

“Inga paaru, andha nela pathirakai yoda, neeyum andha  Ponniyoda  appangaaranum Thiruporur kitta Illalur ulla vanga. Innum rendu manneram time. Adhukulla varalena…”:
Listen up, with the land documents you and ponni’s dad better turn up at Illalur near Thiruporur. You have two hours time. If you don’t turn up by then…

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