That Panayur Incident – 3


Priya tried to defy Karthik’s grip, “Are you mad, vidu enna! I am heading to the police booth”. Karthik held her tight and insisted that she should get back home as it was getting late. Priya refused to budge, “Hello, I am the key eyewitness okay! I only found the note. I am coming with you!” Without much of a choice, Karthik went along with her to the booth. It was a lazy day, and it was no different at the booth. A couple of constables were holding the fort. They listened keenly to Karthik and Priya’s story and immediately instructed them to come along to the E1 Police Station for further investigation.

Inspector Arulmozhi spoke to the pair, “Indha vishayam vera yaarkaadhu theriyuma?” Priya earnestly replied to him, “ No Sir, in fact, our parents don’t even know we are here right now.”, The Inspector continued, “Good! Keep it that way! I will have to crosscheck with reports and see if any FIR has been filed. I will also keep the Neelankarai and Kanathur stations informed about this. It’s good to see youngsters trusting us police this way. Good job guys. I will personally take up this case. Contact me in case of any problem.” Priya and Karthik then headed back to the beach to fetch Priya’s cycle and of course they did have the ice cream from Anna’s kadai. Slurping on her raspberry popsickle, Priya innocently asked Karthik if he had been to Panayur. Karthik gave her a knowing look, “I know where this conversation is heading. Please let’s get back home.” However, Priya couldn’t contain her curiosity, “But….” Karthik cut her abruptly and nudged her towards her cycle, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Or maybe not…”

Sundays made Karthik restless. He had to step out. He had finished breakfast and was contemplating catching a film with his friends. But the weather outside sure did not deserve to be spent cooped in a theatre. Maybe he would go on a long drive. But he had to be a little cautious, Priya shouldn’t know, else she would join him, which pretty much meant riding his bike below 100kmph. He went to his room to change and fetch his keys. He stepped out after five minutes and there she was, sitting on the dining table chit chatting with his mum. Karthik was startled, He was wondering if she possessed some sort of a super power! “Morning morning where are you heading to Karthik?”, questioned Priya. He blatantly lied that he is heading out to Rahul’s house. Karthik’s mum exchanged glances with Priya, “Dei, engavenumnaalum poi thola, but Priyava veetulu drop pannitu po. Kesari kuduka vandha, nadhandhu vera vandhurka paavam.” Karthik’ s bike ride dreams ka boomed! He nodded to his mum and walked out. Priya followed. The second they were out Priya started laughing uncontrollably, “Rahul’s house it seems, he is out of town idiot!! Spill the beans where are you off to?” “Nowhere…”, murmured Karthik. Priya was not convinced, all along the way she kept pestering him, he buckled and told her he just wanted to go for a drive alone. She begged him to take her along and promised to keep silent and that he wouldn’t even feel her presence. He smirked and silently changed his route and headed towards Boat Club. After riding through all the lanes gaping at the bungalows, they hit the Kotturpuram bridge and right on to the Rajiv Gandhi Salai. They rode in silence until Priya tapped his shoulder and said just one word, hungry! They stopped over at the Ascendas food court for an early lunch, followed by delicious pastries for dessert. It was time to head back home. They started and Priya said, “Karthik, let’s continue riding no. I’ve never ridden past Thiruvanmyur, take me no, let’s hit ECR” Karthik looked up at the sky, it was still cloudy and seemed like the sky would take a shower anytime now. Soon they were on ECR. They drove through Valmiki Nagar beach, Palavakam, Injambakkam and Priya yelped in surprise when she saw a green board that read Panayur! Karthik sped past and that was her cue to not ask him anything. They stopped a while later for a drink and continued down till Mutthukadu. By now it was drizzling lightly and Karthik decided it was time head back before the rains lashed out. On their way back they passed the board again, and this time Karthik was a little curious too. Priya nudged him from behind noticing that he was slowing down. He stopped and looked at her, she gave a wide grin, grinning back, he took a right into the avenue towards the beach. They found themselves in a criss-cross of avenues and farm houses. They rode on till they felt they’ve scoured through all the streets, now they could even see the beach. They took a reverse to head back to the highway. Karthik raised the speed and Priya shrieked, and he pressed the breaks. But looking through the rear mirror, he saw her horror-struck face and turned to his right. A little girl was running towards them. Out of breath, panting and waving out to them. Karthik rode towards her and she stopped gasping for breath, “Help…please….rowdies are chasing…” Karthik and Priya chorused, Ponni?!!” Ponni was shocked, she nodded frantically and Priya asked Ponni to hop onto the bike, and Karthik rode on as fast as he could. The rowdies had caught up with them. In cars and bikes, they chased the trio down. But Karthik expertly maneuvered his bike towards the highway, but just before he could go any further, he heard a shot and his tyres were flat. The rowdies had guns! This was getting dangerous. The trio left the bike and ran, as fast as they could. The rowdies were right behind them. They finally reached the highway and thankfully a lorry passed by. As it slowed on the rumbler, Karthik hauled Ponni on to the open back of the lorry. In a split second, Ponni sped past and was safe. But Karthik and Priya were being manhandled and thrown into the back of an Innova. It was raining hard and a curtain of water blurred the car windows.

.…to be continued!

vidu enna! – Leave me
“Indha vishayam vera yaarkaadhu theriyuma?”  – Does anyone else know about this?
kadai – shop
“Dei, engavenumnaalum poi thola, but Priyava veetulu drop pannitu po. Kesari kuduka vandha, nadhandhu vera vandhurka paavam.” – Oye, go wherever, but drop Priya at her house. She came to give us Kesari (sweet dish), and she had walked down, poor thing!

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