If you are a man read this, if you are a woman please do read this!


Men PMS. There I’ve said it. I guess this is the most well-kept secret about men, by men, for men! They totally PMS.
How else would you explain the mumbling, one syllable answers, moodiness, sudden over enthusiasm, unnecessary aggression, need to physically hit someone just for fun, reel of swear words like it’s the mother tongue and the contradictory gentleman-ness that crops up in inconsistent intervals, compulsive streaks of over confidence, selective amnesia, sudden slowdown of brain functionality especially while reading and comprehending a simple text message, anxiety caused by mere words like commitment, depression related to failed results of acts carried out due to earlier mentioned over enthusiasm, outburst of rage on road while driving, random outbursts at political parties, leaders, cricket players, actors, musicians and the rest of the world, attention deficiency, bloating…of ego and otherwise, decreased alertness especially when the TV is switched on, lack of energy when it comes to household chores, impatience and withdrawn expressions to the trivial problems of life. Phew! Do you have more symptoms to add to the list? Please feel free to leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “If you are a man read this, if you are a woman please do read this!

  1. Muhahaha!
    Such an evil post 😛 but yes, 100% correct! The sudden transition to behaving like a drama queen and getting offended when you point it out.. Totally.


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