Inspite of the heavy traffic jam, the heat and the innumerous honks around me, the moon looked so beautiful and surreal. I switch off my bike and gaze up at it smiling to myself. Aah a typical moment of peace you’d think. Not! Right next to me in a pulsar, a scrawny looking guy stretches his arms forward, rotates his head, takes out his cellphone and makes a call to his friend, talks loudly, puts it back into his pocket and after having done everything to make his presence obvious, he slyly turns to me to see if he’s caught my attention! I smugly turn away to check out the cute pedestrian in front of us instead. The tennis racquet on his back and the agility with which he crossed the road – definitely more interesting than a pulsar and a fancy mobile! For the next 10 minutes I was stuck there with the pulsar guy, he behaved πŸ˜›

There’s another category of biker guys…the subtler ones. They don’t really want to catch your attention, but would silently check you out thinking you wouldn’t notice. They would slowly try to move in closer, or even get a little ahead of you so they can check you out through the mirror. What a bore! I usually get a sadistic pleasure by zooming past them when the signal turns green, giving them a wake up call! Hello, it’s a damn signal you’re at!

Then there’s the classic stalker. Seriously, you’d think with the petrol price hike and all, people would put it to better use! I once made a stalker-biker go round and round that he finally gave up realising he couldn’t corner me in a circle!

Of course tides do change. There are times when I wish a guy on a cool bike would check me out. And all I do then is to move in a little closer and evidently check out his bike . I don’t even give him a second glance, but just repeatedly steal glances at his bike. A girl who’s into bikes, interesting – it’s now time for him to steal glances at me!

All in all, guys in bikes and their’s such good time pass when you’re caught in heavy traffic πŸ˜€


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