And then there’s the fullstop.

Slushhhhh, purple colour blackcurrant slush! I put in the straw and keep stirring and suck in some slush with a wide grin. It hits my head. Frozen. Numb. I feel a bite snarl all the way up my head. Brainfreeze. I pause to take a deep breath. I walk on. A few steps later I take a sip, one more and some more. The sugar high I get is just not enough. I need the freeze and I’m tempted to do it all over again.

A red colour rubber band catches my eye. I pick it up and start playing with it. I pull and I pull and I pull and then it snaps. I flinch. It hurts real bad and yet I’m so tempted to do it all over again.

The tubelight starts to flicker and i sense low voltage. Kaput! there’s no power. Complete silence and darkness. I light a candle, place it on the table, pull a chair and settle down. I play with the flame, swinging my index finger to and fro. It’s warm and comforting . As the clock ticks and wax gather, i start to lose focus. I look around with impatience, but the finger still continues to sway. Ouch! I touch hot wax, and withdraw my finger. I wash my hands, drink some water and come back to the same chair, candle and flame. I’m tempted to do it all over again.

I fight. I explain. I listen. I keep silent when silence is the need of the hour. I am patient.ย I compromise. I give benefit of doubt. I turn away to hide my anger, while actually sometimes it’s the tears I hide. Then there comes a point. The accusations no longer hurt, the silence is no longer awkward, the pursuit seems pointless. I stand still. Should I or not walk away? But this once, I am not tempted to do it all over again. Because maybe, it’s just not worth it. Period.


2 thoughts on “And then there’s the fullstop.

  1. Very Very nice post! Dont know why.. dont ask either! Except for the fact that this post is not the result of wat i am thinking its abt! Anyway.. Nice style of writing.

    PS : If it had not been worth it, you wouldnt have had come that far to even do all the stuff which you have mentioned in the last para. Life is tough!


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