My littlest nephew back in bengaluru!

So this is what i used to think about babies….they sleep, slurp in some lactogen, do the big and small jobs, and again go back to sleep! Until recently.

The first time i saw vivaan, he was like a tiny bundle sleeping beside his mum. Yea ok dude i’ll catch you later i thought to myself and when to bed ( The aforementioned baby is in bengaluru and i had taken an overnight bus to reach the city early morning) When i was up and about by the afternoon, he had bathed, eaten and again gone back to sleep in his blue cradle. I rocked it a little, envying the nice life he gets to lead! it was only on the second day i actually got to understand what joy a tiny little human could spread! long fingers, tiniest ever nails, hair that automatically spikes up without the brylcreem and he was only as tall as my forearm. And oh my, i had made no mistake referring to him as a dude in my head – he completely was and is one! And the thing that amused me the most was that he hardly cried, but he had a posh air to himself….if u touched his hair, he’d give a “ya i know im cool, now enough of all the attention, i have better things to do, like maybe go back sleep!” expression. And the way he kicks the blanket….the teeny one finds bangalore hot! god what would he do if my cousin got him to chennai?! i should maybe warn her! and he loves lights. He always gazed out through the closed window. The bright yellow was where his eyes would linger to….maybe in his head he was already wondering what’s out there in the world….and somehow i had a feeling he’d grow up to be a photographer!

The first nephew i got to see so small and i wish him all the love in the world and he is sure gonna rock the city, the world and everyplace else for sure!


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